BurnToDisc 2.0.4

Aperture export plug-in for burning images to DVDs and CDs


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Allows yoo to customise saving properties of each image


  • Requires Aperture


BurnToDisc is an Aperture Plug-In that simplifies the process of exporting your images and burning them to DVDs and CDs for sharing, archiving or offline storage.

The clever thing is that for each exported image, you can specify multiple image sizes, image formats and on-disc folder placement for them You can save export configurations for regular exports that you perform over and over again.

The interface is extremely simple, contained within one window which also provides you an estimate of how much space is left on the target disc. BurnToDisc does its job efficiently, the only question you have to ask is whether DVDs and CDs are nowadays the best method for long term storage. CD and DVD discs are prone to warping and physical damage over time and you are well advised to have an alternative backup of anything you burn with BurnToDisc.

BurnToDisc is an efficient and simple Aperture plugin for all your burning needs.

Added 64-bit support. Added additional name formatting tokens.


  • Added 64-bit support. Added additional name formatting tokens.


BurnToDisc 2.0.4

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